Casino Reviews Best online iPhone casino guide

Best online iPhone casino guide

Over the past two decades the online gambling space has experienced a complete overhaul, with technology being cited as the main driver. The first milestone was the transition from land-based setups, where players would operate slot machines to playing online. This was after the discovery of the internet in the early 1990s. Later in 2003, live casinos were introduced where bettors would bet on table games live from their computers. However, there couldn’t be an innovation considered monumental like playing casino games from handheld devices. This is because smartphones have become part and parcel of people’s daily lives, from ordering food and taxi to weather and financial market updates and now playing games online. Out of the many mobile gambling sites, the iPhone mobile casino stands out. In this article, you will learn the best casino apps, what to look out, and much more. Let’s slice and dice!

Best iPhone Online Casino Sites

Not all sites are mobile-friendly. While some internet gambling sites have made tremendous effort to keep themselves abreast with innovation such as mobile gaming and virtual reality, not all sites have kept with the challenge. Below are some of the top Canadian gambling sites that have a high score of customer support, exciting bonuses, a wide collection of games, and compatible with iPhone.

Provider Offer Games Rating Site

100% matched first deposit bonus capped at €/$ 200 plus 20 free spins daily for the first five days. 50% matched second deposit bonus capped at €/$ 200 plus 50 free spins. 1800+



First four deposits matched 100% up to CAD 1600. 650+




100% matched first deposit bonus up to C$ 1,000. 700+


Spin Casino


100% matched bonus up to USD 200 plus 100 free spins. 200+



100% matched up to $ 500 plus 20 free spins. 800+


Party Casino


What to look out for in an iPhone casino

real money casino apps for iphone

  • User Interface – the user interface of a mobile gambling site is a great determinant of whether a user will sign up with an internet gambling site. A mobile gambling platform with easy to use interface offers bettors convenience and reduces the time spent on locating games and other functions. Mobile sites with a backward user interface have been found to reduce the chances a bettor would sign up with them from the first glimpse. The user interface includes the menus, graphics, filter icons, search bars, and much more.
  • Security and confidentiality – While the iPhone is known for its cutting edge security, the mobile sites should also strive to ensure they adopt and follow a strict privacy policy. The last thing a bettor would imagine is their online profile being sold to third parties. Therefore, be on the lookout for mobile casinos with the highest security and confidentiality policies.
  • Compatibility – One of the ways bettors are locked out of using the application is if the devices they are using are not compatible with the mobile gambling site. Good mobile gambling platforms should strive to provide players with applications compatible with iPhone gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad, and the better if the application can be extended to other range of phones. This makes the platform versatile and allows bettors to switch with convenience between gadgets without facing challenges.
  • Features – You should also scrutinize the features of the mobile gambling site such as banking and customer support features such as a Live Chat among, other important features. Should you realize an app doesn’t support deposit and withdrawal on mobile, it means at some point you will have inconveniences.

Online Casino Payment Options at iPhone Casinos

The payment options at iPhone gambling sites are almost similar to the ones used in conventional online gambling sites. Though they may restrict some applications based on geographical restriction of the developers, the same banking options are available on the mobile page. Despite the challenge, the deposit process is the same. To deposit, you will require to head to the app and head to the bank/cashier section, choose the payment method, input requested details, and click on “deposit.” Some of the common payment options that are used by Canadian bettors include

  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • Neteller;
  • Bank transfer.

These payment options are easy to use and secure. They are compatible with iPhone; therefore, casino players will have an easy time using them without necessarily switching to other platforms.

Advantages of playing on an iPhone casino

Gambling from a handheld device instead of the computer comes with several advantages that are highlighted below.

  • Playing from anywhere – Computers have the limitation of mobility even if it is a laptop. Handheld devices are much better for bettors to play games on places that could be absurd or impossible to play casino games. For instance, you can play games on your mobile while traveling, lunchtime, or on the bed.
  • Bonuses and Offers – Some internet gambling sites will give special offers and rewards to bettors who redeem bonuses from their mobile devices. Therefore, players who have mobile gambling applications installed on their iPhones stand a better chance of winning real money from bonuses or promotions.
  • Convenience – one of the benefits bettors reaped when land-based establishments transitioned to online was the convenience it came with. To extend the convenience further, players are now playing games for real money or fun on their mobile fun. Therefore, the inability to play games from mobile applications is regarded as inconveniencing for some players.
  • Manage your finances directly – Since mobile phones support banking apps such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, then bankroll management is easier. You can control your budget and track how much you spent.
  • Fast – iPhone has a higher Frames per Second (FPS) compared to its rivals. This means it loads games faster compared to Android. The loading speeds are achieved because iOS hits the max FPS of 60 while Android reaches 44 FPS.


  • Limited games – most of the online gambling sites have a reduced number of games for iPhone compared to what they have on the web. While it is understandable that had they incorporated a full library of games, the apps would probably load slowly. This comes at the expense of players enjoying the games of their choice.
  • Not optimized for smaller screens – Mobile gambling sites are best suited for smartphones with large screens. iPads, in this case, would offer a much better resolution and give bettors enough space to press buttons. Alternatively, bettors could consider changing the screen mode from portrait to landscape.


Can I Play free games?
Yes, most mobile sites have games in both demo and real money versions.

Are iPhone casino apps safe?
Yes, Apple has strict guidelines concerning applications on its app store. All developers are required to adhere to the safety measures, and gambling apps aren’t exceptional.

How do I download an iPhone casino app?
To download the app, head over to the casino’s website, and look for a link to the app store. Alternatively, head to the Apple store and manually search for the app, though this isn’t recommended.

What games can I play?
You can play all kinds of games from slots, blackjack, and roulette to live casino and poker.

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