About Author

Hi, my name is David Murray and I’m a professional gambler based out of Toronto Ontario. I’ve always had a love of poker playing. I started in games for fun with my family using marshmallows at a very young age. I continued to develop my skills in multiple poker formats including seven card stud, Omaha hold em and Texas Hold Em.

In my early 20s while working in a mail room at an insurance company, I took some vacation. I flew to Las Vegas and I was surprised that all of those years of passionate playing in games for fun, taught me some very valuable skills. Using my poker training, I was able to pay off my trip and bankroll a second trip back the following spring. This would be the start of my hobby turning into a full time career. By the end of his second trip, I decided that I could turn gambling into a career path.

These days, I use a lot of my poker strategy to play online. I do still love sitting down to a few hands of live poker when I make my way to Niagara Falls or on trips back to Vegas. I’m constantly seeking new strategies and trying to learn from other players. Although I’ve got some proven rules for success that have guided me throughout my career, I understand that poker is a game that requires constant work to have success with.

I have also continued to branch out to use my mind for research in learning strategies for blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette and now slots. I love diving into new projects and finding new ways to earn from opportunities in gambling.

In this blog, I’m going to be sharing some of the secrets I’ve learned in my 20 year career as a professional Gambler. By following along you can access the latest strategies and tips for giving yourself an edge in any casino. Whether you play online or love hitting the casino floor in person, I hope that I can help you cash out a little bit richer.